Katie Hilborn Global Orphan Prevention

Did you know that up to 10,000 Nepali women and girls are trafficked to India and exploited each year? Most are illiterate. Hear from one organization that is doing something about it. My guest today on the nonprofit leadership podcast is Katie Hilborn, Founder and Director of Global Orphan Prevention.

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CyberSecurity for Nonprofits Robert Horn

Should Nonprofits be worried about cyber attacks? If so, what can they do to protect themselves from such attacks?

Today’s podcast is all about cyber attacks, how they are impacting the nonprofit industry, and the ways in which nonprofit leaders can better prepare for them and learn how to mitigate the risks. Our guest is Bobby Horn, lead placement cyber expert for Crystal & Company – a leading insurance brokerage out of New York. He will share how in 2016, our country saw a massive increase in the number of cyber attacks into organizations and businesses both large and small. Sadly, analysts predict this will continue in 2017 as hackers increase their sophistication. This is a show you don’t want to miss.

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Robin Peters Firehouse Subs Foundation

How does a for-profit business support nonprofits most effectively? Can a for-profit business have a vibrant and sustainable social enterprise impact? This week’s guest is going to share some insights on this key topic.  Robin Peters is the Executive Director of the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation and she will share how Firehouse Subs has successfully done this especially as they have come alongside first responders and provided lifesaving equipment. Over the years, Robin has helped establish Firehouse Subs Foundation as a highly respected and effective national non-profit entity. Enjoy today’s show.

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Vanessa Wakeman The Wakeman Agency

This week’s guest on the Nonprofit Leadership Podcast is Vanessa Wakeman. Since launching The Wakeman Agency in 2003, she has been recognized as a champion for nonprofits and progressive organizations. Vanessa has spent more than a decade as an advisor, counseling organizations on approaches to generate revenue and build influence for mission-driven causes. In this show, she will talk about both the changing landscape of nonprofits and the need to raise up more women executive leaders and what she is doing to train them. Enjoy today’s show!

Produced by Nate Vineyard. Sponsored by CCPC

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Kathleen Toth



Nuzzles and Co.‘s President of their Board of Directors, Kathleen Toth, joins us today on the Nonprofit Leadership Podcast! They are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to rescuing pets, training them and helping place them back into loving homes. In this interview, she shares about Nuzzle’s and Co’s approach to taking care of these pets, explaining how they exceed national standards with their care. She also talks about how their staff’s roles are to serve as ‘matchmakers’ in a sense, helping to find a good match between pets who need adopting and those searching for a pet. Enjoy today’s show!

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Marc A. Pitman The Fundraising Coach

Marc A. Pitman (Photo courtesy of The Concord Leadership Group LLC)
The Fundraising Coach joins us on today’s podcast! I was honored to interview well-known speaker and author Marc A. Pitman, known around the country as the “Fundraising Coach”. Marc is the founder of the Concord Leadership Group and helps leaders, especially in nonprofits, lead their teams with more effectiveness and less stress. He’s the author of “Ask Without Fear!®,” the executive director of TheNonprofitAcademy.com, and an Advisory Panel member of Rogare  a prestigious international fundraising think tank. You don’t want to miss this podcast! Enjoy the show!
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Katie Leonberger President and CEO of CRE

Katie Leonberger, President and CEO of Community Resource Exchange, joins us on today’s Nonprofit Leadership Podcast! Katie shares with us not only some great leadership insights as to what her organization provides for nonprofit organizations, but she shares something we have not had on our show before. Katie will talk about risk resiliency, and how to come up with a risk resiliency plan for all nonprofits regardless if you are facing a major funding challenge or a restructuring of your organization. You will want to hear what Katie has to share.

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Zach Shefska

Welcome to the Nonprofit Profit Leadership Podcast, Making Your World Better. Our guest today is Zach Shefska is the Director of the Fundraising Report Card. He is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and data analytics nerd. His mission is to help nonprofits harness the power of their data to better carry out their missions. In this podcast, Zach delves into the critical area of fundraising, explaining how this report card could be a simple yet extremely helpful tool for Nonprofits. Additionally, you really are going to enjoy hearing his insights as to what draws Millennials to Nonprofits, and specifically what motivates them to give. He is a Millennial and you may be surprised what he shares about his own generation. Enjoy’s today’s show.
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Dr. Mark Labberton President of Fuller Seminary

President of Fuller Seminary, Dr. Mark Labberton, joins us on today’s Nonprofit Leadership Podcast. Dr. Labberton brings to his role a deep awareness of the challenges of leadership within the nonprofit sector as a leader, an author and a professor. Before joining Fuller’s faculty in 2009, Labberton served for 16 years as the senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley, CA. He has authored several books including “Called” and “The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor.” In this podcast, he will talk about the trends he is seeing in the nonprofit sector, specifically within the Millennial generation, regarding leadership changes, expressions of faith, and their involvement or lack thereof within certain segments of the nonprofit world. Enjoy today’s show.

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Elizabeth Beisel Three-time Olympian

Three-time Olympian, Elizabeth Beisel, joins us today on the Nonprofit Leadership Podcast!

Elizabeth starting swimming at the age of 5 and became an Olympian at the age of 15! She is an Olympic medalist and world champion and just recently was selected to serve on the USA Swimming Foundation Board of Directors. In this show, she not only shares her story of becoming an Olympian but how she is hoping to contribute as a Board Member to further the mission of the USA Swimming Foundation. Enjoy the show!

(Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Beisel)

Produced by Nate Vineyard. Sponsored by CCPC.

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