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ChickTech Founder and CEO Janice Levenhagen

Many of you may not know that I’m the father of three daughters. As such, I am regularly helping them navigate through various options for their future education and potential career opportunities. When it comes to education, one of the buzzwords that is ubiquitous in today’s educational world is STEM. Historically, women and girls have been underrepresented in STEM related fields. Our guest on the show today is Janice Levenhagen, founder and CEO of ChickTech, which is a nonprofit dedicated to increasing and retaining the number of women and girls in technology-based careers. Motivated by her own experience, Janice has helped to develop workshop programs, creating greater awareness about/ and access to/ female role models, in order to spark interest in STEM-related fields. Enjoy today’s show as Janice shares what the nonprofit she leads is doing to encourage more women and girls to consider STEM-related careers.

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