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CyberSecurity for Nonprofits

Should Nonprofits be worried about cyber attacks? If so, what can they do to protect themselves from such attacks?

Today’s podcast is all about cyber attacks, how they are impacting the nonprofit industry, and the ways in which nonprofit leaders can better prepare for them and learn how to mitigate the risks. Our guest is Bobby Horn, lead placement cyber expert for Crystal & Company – a leading insurance brokerage out of New York. He will share how in 2016, our country saw a massive increase in the number of cyberattacks on organizations and businesses both large and small. Sadly, analysts predict this will continue in 2017 as hackers increase their sophistication. It can be a daunting feeling for businesses and companies to go through, knowing that there is a high chance their systems may be hacked and data could be taken and used. This is why with the security systems they have now, they need to run tests on them to see how strong their defenses are. Penetration testing tools from security companies such as Synack can help them better prepare for what they may be up against. If it shows that they are easily hacked through different systems, then they will need it changed/updated to make sure that in the event that cyber hackers try to break down their security walls, they will find it unable to be breached and leave the business/company alone. This is a show you don’t want to miss.

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