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Laurel Mintz

Branding. For many Nonprofit leaders, this is a topic that seems out of place for the Nonprofit sector and more applicable to the for-profit world. However, when we think of branding as communication, all of a sudden branding becomes extremely relevant. My guest today will talk about the critical importance of branding and how to improve your organization’s branding. Laurel Mintz is my guest and she is CEO of Elevate My Brand, Digital Marketing Agency. She is not only a business owner but also an attorney and speaks all over the country on the topic of marketing/branding and leadership. In addition, she writes a column for Inc. Magazine.

As a digital marketing company owner, it’s probably safe to say that Laurel understands quite a bit about digital marketing. The concept of digital marketing is huge recently, it’s one of the most popular ways of business and brand marketing. Whilst many businesses already use digital marketing as well as free seo analysis tools, some may be later on the trend. As Laurel will be able to tell us, digital marketing covers a lot of different techniques, from email marketing to social media marketing. Many businesses will probably have social media accounts, so that is positive. However, there’s still so much more that business owners can do to increase their digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing agencies like Elevate My Brand (Laurel’s business) will be able to help businesses and non-profits implement more of these strategies into their current marketing campaigns. One of the best ways of increasing digital marketing is by using search engine optimization to increase website ranking on search engines, encouraging more people over to the website. To implement SEO even more effectively, Laurel’s business could work alongside some SEO professionals, like those at Victorious. That would make the strategy more impactful for the business owner or the non-profit leader.

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