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How do we increase our impact for social change as Nonprofit organizations?

Ann Mei Cheng

Social change is far more complicated than simply creating a new app. It requires intentionality, listening and collaboration. But change is slow. What if we collectively could exponentially increase our social impact?

My guest on today’s show argues that to increase our impact, we must come up with solutions that are embraced by beneficiaries and include an engine that can accelerate growth to match the scale of the needs. My guest today is Ann Mei Cheng.

She is the Author of “Lean Impact”. Previously, she was Chief Innovation Officer at USAID and Mercy Corps, and served the U.S. Department of State as Senior Advisor for Women and Technology in the Office of Global Women’s Issues. Prior to that, Ann Mei Chang had more than 20 years’ experience as a technology executive at such leading companies as Google and Apple, and she is a keynote speaker who has been featured at TEDx among others venues.

Enjoy today’s show.

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Nonprofit Leadership Podcasts

How a philanthropic initiative is providing reliable funding to help nonprofits move forward

Risk is a four-letter word for many in the social sector and the nonprofit world. Inadequate planning for risk has derailed many social impact projects and shut down creative initiatives set up to move nonprofits forward. How can the social sector keep impact on track in an unpredictable world? Fast and flexible funding can certainly help.

My guest today is Caroline Bressan, Director of Social Investments for Open Road AllianceOpen Road Alliance is a philanthropic initiative and offers fast funding to nonprofits and social enterprises facing unexpected roadblocks. It made its first grant in 2012 and now offers loans as well.

About Open Road Ventures: http://bit.ly/ORV-FAQ


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