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What the Harvard Business Review has to say about leadership

Ron Ashkenas

Leadership is the secret sauce to all effective organizations, nonprofit or otherwise. How to consistently grow as a leader is one of the most important goals for all nonprofit leaders. But growth in leadership takes time.  My guest today is Ron Ashkenas, the co-author of a new book entitled: ”The Harvard Business Review Leader’s Handbook.” He and co-author Brook Manville provide an excellent guide for all leaders who want to excel in leadership through providing step-by-step instruction, curated best practices and real-life stories of people and organizations that have made a significant impact through their leadership, collected from Harvard Business Review.

As Partner Emeritus of Shaffer Consulting, Ron is a trusted advisor and coach to senior leaders across industries including the nonprofit sector. He has helped leading organizations achieve dramatic performance improvements while also helping CEOs and senior executives to strengthen their leadership capacity.
Enjoy today’s show!


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