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Hear Harvard Divinity’s Dean and His Thoughts on Leadership and Educating Our Future Leaders

Dr. David N. Hempton, the dean of the Harvard Divinity School

Rob is joined today by Dr. David N. Hempton, the dean of the Harvard Divinity School. David is an award-winning author and a social historian, with special interests in religious and political culture, secularization and religion, as well as identity and conflict. From Belfast, Northern Ireland, David began to dive deep into his interests while studying at University, eventually making a shift to Boston University in order to join the professor’s program. After that, he made his way to Harvard and for the past eight years, he has served as the dean of the Divinity School.

Harvard Divinity is non-sectarian and non-denominational with over 400 students from a diverse set of geographical and religious backgrounds. From this group of impressive students, about a quarter go into church ministry of some form, another quarter into academic life, and all of them are looking to incorporate a greater sense of purpose in what they do. Rob discusses with Dr. Hempton the data showing that many millennials are leaving institutional religion for the nonprofit sector. David hopes that these students can still leave with great respect for religious traditions as a whole, especially those other than their own. Through tolerance and understanding, these students can go on to become the future leaders of the nonprofit sector and the world as a whole.

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