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Leadership in the midst of COVID-19

Though most states around the country are beginning to reopen, we are in a time as a country and as a world where we are still far from “normal”. Now, more than ever, we need solid leadership.

Rich Harwood, President and Founder of the Harwood Institute

One of the effects of this pandemic, has been the renewed awareness of the pre-existing disparities that have been present in our country for awhile now. Disparities in things such as drug treatment, healthcare, education and more, have become clearer than ever right now. While some nonprofits are having a difficult time adequately addressing these problems, organizations and individuals are finding new ways to support those in need of help. Networks are coming together to make sure that those suffering from these disparities are not left to battle their challenges alone.

Rob’s guest today is Rich Harwood, the President and Founder of the Harwood Institute. Rich is an author, speaker, and innovator, working through his institute to bring together people on the front lines to bring lasting change in the community. The Harwood Institute focuses on bringing groups together to tackle shared challenges through collaboration instead of competition. This is the perfect time for those in positions of leadership to find out what really matters to one’s community, stop the competition, and build stronger ecosystems in the community in order to create systemic change.

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