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Learn About a Company Making It Easier to Give to Nonprofits Through Planned Giving

When it comes to sustaining long-term success for nonprofits, planned giving is a critical component. Designating nonprofits in your will is one of the best things that you can leave behind, and Rob’s guest today, Patrick Schmitt, is making it easier than ever. Patrick, along with Jenny Xia Spradling, co-founded FreeWill, a company created to help you write your will and provide guidance on where you want your money to go after you die. It’s their goal to make estate planning warm, accessible, and completely free.

Patrick Schmitt and Jenny Xia,
Co-Founders of FreeWill

FreeWill is an award-winning social venture founded by these two graduate students of Stanford University in 2016, with the help and support of many of the world’s leading experts in law, design, and philanthropy. It is an online platform that makes estate planning incredibly easy for individuals. Whilst many will prefer to do so through and similar services, this opens up the market for those who may not normally make use of such services. When people plan their estate through FreeWill, they are six times more likely to leave money for charities and nonprofits. Through partnering with nonprofits, FreeWill can help make custom websites and avenues to donate. Through careful planning and an environment of giving, FreeWill has already helped donate almost $1 billion to nonprofits and charities. When people near the end of their lives or even when they hit retirement age, some will want to contribute to charities that they feel passionate about but were not able to previously give much to them. The right retirement plan can help you out with what you want out of your retirement income and how you want to handle it when the time comes, checking out sites such as SoFi will be of great benefit to those who need to make that decision at any age.

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