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How One Nonprofit Is Breaking The Cycle of Intergenerational Poverty

How can we as individuals and a society help break down the systemic barriers that keep different economic and social groups in a cycle of stress and poverty?

Laura Zumdahl, President and CEO of New Moms

Rob’s guest today, Laura Zumdahl, heads an organization that focuses on serving new moms. She is the president and CEO of New Moms, a Nonprofit in Chicago that helps young mothers and their children find safe and stable housing, paths to employment, and develop the parenting skills that they need to thrive and survive for both them and their children. New Moms’ ultimate goal is to interrupt the cycle of poverty and hardship in which many young mothers find themselves. These women often need mentors to help show them the dreams that they can’t perhaps see on their own.

There may be no more important group of people in our societies than mothers. They yield so much influence in our lives and help determine how so many of us turn out as human beings. Supporting young mothers in those critical childhood years can not only help mothers through a very stressful time but also helps young children develop in a healthy way. New Moms helps put these young mothers in the driver’s seat of their own lives, through goal setting and leadership training.

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How One Person Has Made The World Better Through Connecting People and Ideas Together

Ami Dar, Founder and Executive Director of

Rob truly believes that inside each and every one of us, there is a desire to make the world a better place. The only question is, how do we make our impact?

Rob’s guest today, Ami Dar, didn’t stop at that question. He also sought to figure out a way to bring others together who also wanted to do good. Creating future leaders for positive change is Ami’s biggest mission. He has been influenced and shaped as a leader throughout his life by various people and experiences, such as his wonderful mother and his time in the military. Ami understands that in order to change this world and really make an impact, you have to connect to others with a similar mindset and you must be willing to take risks. 

Ami is the founder and executive director of, one of the most popular non-profit resources online. is a site that is focused on the interaction of those who want to make a difference from all over the world. He believes that by connecting people that want to do good with ideas and opportunities around the world, each individual can make their impact. Closing the gap between intention and action will change the world, one person at a time.

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Doctors Without Borders
Ashoka Fellowship

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How do we overcome our growing divisiveness in today’s cultural context

There are so many challenges in our world today, whether they be economic, social, political, or otherwise. Additionally, there is a growing divisiveness in our own culture today. So what are we to do with our divisive environment?

My guest on the show believes it starts from within. My guest is Tim Shriver, who has been both CEO and Chairman of the Special Olympics for 25 years.

Tim Shriver, Chairman of Special Olympics, Inc.

He works to promote health, education, and a more unified world through the joy of sports. Tim’s mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver started the Special Olympics in 1968, and he will talk about what prompted her to first start the Special Olympics. He currently leads the International Board of Directors for the Special Olympics and serves together with over 5.6 million Special Olympics athletes in 172 countries. He serves on several well-known boards, has written a NY Times best selling book and produced 4 films.

The Special Olympics has created so many moments that bring people face-to-face with those with disabilities. These moments are not always quantifiable or measurable, but they have certainly changed millions of people’s lives for the better all over the world. In order to overcome this divisiveness in today’s culture, leaders must push for people to keep their hearts open. The ability to lead by example through showing acceptance is a superpower of all great leaders. With our hearts open, we can learn to accept anyone, no matter what their disability. There are beautiful things in all of us that are capable of shining a light of acceptance, and through that light, lead others to open up their hearts too and eventually change the world.

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This show is sponsored by CCPC, a humanitarian, community resource center, helping to meet people at their point of need.

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How overcoming your obstacles can help you write your own story

What is adversity if not someone’s attempt to write our story for us? How do you break out of the story that someone has attempted to write about you in order to write your own story?

My guest today is Flip Flippen, founder and chairman of Flippen Group, one of the fastest-growing educator training, corporate training, and team development companies in North America. Flip has spent the majority of his life investing in people, whether that be through the Flippen Group or his non-profit work with troubled youths. He is the author of the New York Times and USA Today bestseller, Your Third Story, where he shares how you can write the story that you want for your life, rather than having someone else dictate your chapters.

You can’t build anything worthwhile if you don’t do it at a personal sacrifice. When you are building any company or just going through life, there are certain setbacks and obstacles that you are bound to face during your journey that test who you are as a person. It is vital that you are surrounded by the right people to help you or your company through the unique constraints that await you. When you’re faced with these challenges, you can either be a victim or find your way through adversity and make something beautiful out of it. It is in these moments that we unknowingly write our own stories, instead of allowing someone else to do it for us. We can’t let our fears dictate our future decisions.

Enjoy the show!

Links to Resources:

Flippen Group

Your Third Story

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How important the role of play is in a child’s overall development may surprise you.

Jill Violet – courtesy of James Irvine Foundation

How many of you remember recess as being your highlight of the day back in elementary school?

Would you be surprised to learn that in the last decade, nearly half of all school districts nationwide have either completely eliminated or reduced specific time for recess. Even though more rigorous academic standards and measurements typically dominate the headlines when it comes to our children’s educational future, the importance of playtime continues to be a critical, yet often neglected, aspect of our developmental and educational growth. Research has shown that students who play develop healthier lifestyles, are more attentive in class, and achieve greater academic, social, and emotional success. 

For over 20 years, the nonprofit organization Playworks has been the leading national nonprofit leveraging the power of play to transform children’s social and emotional health. My guest today is Jill Vialet, Founder and CEO of Playworks, the leading national nonprofit leveraging the power of play in America’s schools today.

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