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How Has COVID Impacted Global Nonprofits, Particularly Those Serving Refugees?

The current Pandemic has certainly affected all of us, but there’s no denying that it has affected nonprofits quite deeply, throwing into question how foundations can best support them.

Steve Gumaer, founder and president of the global NGO Partners Relief and Development

Rob’s guest today is Steve Gumaer, the founder and president of the global NGO Partners Relief and Development. For decades, Steve has served women, children, and families in impoverished, war-torn areas all over the world. Partners is working to address the ongoing global issues of food shortages, human trafficking, COVID19 and more by providing resources in areas of conflict, specifically where children are highly susceptible to poverty and hunger.

Steve shares the why behind Partners’ mission and how it all started with a promise to one little girl and grew into an organization dedicated to helping children trapped by circumstances out of their control. He explains how COVID19 created a challenging shift from providing face-to-face services to offering only online support meetings, and other ways Partners is adapting to provide sustainability for education and healthcare to those who need it most. Steve believes being as personable and grateful as possible is more important now than ever as a leader. 

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